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2Pcs/set Timberly Wood Graining Roller Brush Set

2Pcs/set Timberly Wood Graining Roller Brush Set

2Pcs/set Timberly Wood Graining Roller Brush Set

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Brightens Up Boring Furnitures With Just a Swipe!

Always wanna have fancy wooden furnitures but can’t afford their prices? Now you can create your own with Timberly Wood Graining Roller Brush Set.

Timberly Wood Graining Roller Brush Set helps to create realistic wood grain look on any types of materials. With just a roll, you could make your furniture to wooden-like effortlessly. Made of durable rubber material that is safe to use on all kinds of surfaces. An easy to use tool that also offers wide application, so you never spend too much on wooden interiors.


  • Simply 1-Roll:
    Just roll it on the furniture then you can get your desired wooden vibe effortlessly.

  • Realistic Wood Grain:
    Painting tool creates a vivid wood grain effect that makes surfaces look like real wood.
  • DIY Wood Design:
    Create wood patterns on furnitures depending on what you want.

  • Safe To Use:
    Soft and it doesn’t scratch the surface of your wood, concrete, plastic, or tiles, use it worry-freely.
  • Durable Material:
    Made of high-quality soft rubber that can paint beautiful wood grain patterns.
  • Wide Application:
    It can be used on wooden furniture, concrete walls, fabric, clothes, quilts, curtains, and more!

  • Easy To Use:
    Simply and gently roll the graining face to your painting surface.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 15cm x 6.5cm, 7.5cm x 6.5cm


  • 2 PCS x Timberly Wood Graining Roller Brush

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